Shopify Plus vs. Big Commerce enterprise- the ultimate Enterprise Ecommerce Comparison

Shopify Plus vs. Big Commerce enterprise- the ultimate Enterprise Ecommerce Comparison

Everyone wishes to ensure that they select the best one among the top enterprise ecommerce platforms. Competition in ecommerce has gotten quite stiff. There are ample options users have. If your online store fails to live up to the expectations of the customers, they will look for alternatives. Thus, it is essential that you are cautious about handling all the aspects of your business.

The first step of selecting Enterprise ecommerce software is of immense importance. It is the ecommerce platform that determines the experience your customers have on your store. You need to think long-term while selecting the platform. It needs to be one that you would be able to use for a long time since switching it midway will be quite problematic.

The benefits each has to offer

Shopify and Big Commerce are among the leading names in the world of ecommerce. It can be confusing about which one to opt for.

Beginners will find Shopify Plus to be quite an appealing option. The platform is quite user-friendly. Navigation is quite feasible as well. The different aspects of ecommerce can be handled on the platform with ease. Shopify also offers the option of multi-channel selling.

Big Commerce also has quite a lot to offer. The platform has many built-in features that can play a vital role in taking your business to great heights. It also provides SEO setting which ensures that your brand has increased visibility across various search engines.

The downsides to each platform

Each of these platforms has certain areas where improvement is warranted.

Third-party apps are required on Shopify if you want the feature of multi-currency support. Things might get somewhat complicated if your business is internally expanded. If you ever wish to decide to switch the template of your store, reformatting of the whole site would have to be done.

Big Commerce is somewhat complicated for beginners. Navigating through the interface might be tough. Furthermore, the platform does not have a mobile app. Considering that most people these days tend to use mobiles for ecommerce; this is undoubtedly a feature one would miss.

Which one to opt for?

Both platforms have factors that work in their favor. If you are venturing into the ecommerce world for the first time, Shopify Plus will be a more convenient option.

For those with an established business with scope for expansion will find big commerce more suitable.

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