Shopify plus vs. big commerce enterprise- Enterprise ecommerce platform comparison

Shopify plus vs. big commerce enterprise- Enterprise ecommerce platform comparison

Ecommerce is increasing in popularity rapidly. Ensuring that your business survives in the stiff competition can be tough. Thus, it is vital to take every decision after the utmost consideration.

When you are setting up your online business, one of the first things that you will need to do is use the right enterprise ecommerce software. The platform you select will decide the kind of time experience your customers have at your store and how much feasibility you acquire in managing your business.

Thus, it is essential that you use of the top ecommerce enterprise platforms that will provide you with all the features that you need. To ensure this, you will need to make an enterprise ecommerce comparison so that you can decide which of the options will work better for you in the long run.

Most people tend to become quite confused in this Enterprise ecommerce platform comparison between two main options, Big Commerce and Shopify Plus. Which among these is right for you will depend on your requirements and expertise.

Shopify plus vs. Big Commerce enterprise- a comparison of their sales feature

One thing you will want to ensure while setting up your online store is that your customers can purchase multiple products easily. This feature is not available in all the platforms. Some platforms allow the sale of merely a couple of products while others prevent you from sending multiple emails monthly. This can be quite frustrating.

Therefore, it is essential that you give due attention to the sales feature to make sure that your store runs smoothly for all parties concerned.

What Shopify offers

The extensive Shopify app store will provide you with an abundance of advanced tools and features. Considering the vast array of options, you will not have to face any limitations. You can opt for any feature that you want to include in your store via the apps. The platform also has a mobile app, thereby making running business all the more convenient and feasible.

However, these apps have to be purchased which can put quite a dent on your budget. Thus, while you are deciding on which apps to buy, keep a check on their prices as well.

Big Commerce and its sales features

Their app store is somewhat smaller. However, you will not feel it much because the platform is already enriched with many built-in features. Everything you will need to set your online store including the advanced features forms part of the platform. Thus, you will not have to buy any additional apps.

However, Big Commerce can be a bit complicated for beginners to use.

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